Google Adwords is there any alternative

April's meeting Charles Willcock took a look at promoting your business and if there was any sensible alternative to Google Adwords?

Hal Varian Explains How Google Adwords Works

Possibly the most important video ever created for those in business.

Martin EdmondsPresentation from Martin Edmonds Art
Sources of funding when you have exhausted the 3 F's.
A frequently heard but suggestion "There is no help for people trying to setup a business..." but nothing could be further from the truth. Sarah Bowers from Innovation Networks based in Coventry has a wide variety of schemes available discover more through this PowerPoint Presentation.
Coventry University offers a wealth of information for business and a determination to engage with those who seek more information.
For those who's business is moving forward and are looking for some extra help Growth Accelerator offers a possible way forward with some part Government funded help. Martin Parry covers the Solihull, West Midlands area. The attached PowerPoint presentation offers a flavour of what is on offer and Martin is keen to discuss whether your business my qualify for help.
As with all the above, if your company and its requirements do not match what they can offer, there is a good chance they might be able to point you to someone else who could offer help.