Charles Willcock

With over 100 domain names under my control I am lucky in that I can see what works and what does not for a wide range of companies. There is so much written about the Internet it can be totally confusing but if you like things broken down in to single words or short phrases think of this one Relevant or Relevance. Google likes this word, everything which you do when thinking of the Internet should have this word at the centre of your thoughts. OK easier said than done, but if you are looking for some help why not get in touch.
Positive Environmental Pest Control were searching for a responsive website which they could edit themselves, and which had a private intranet so they could communicate with their own staff behind a username and  password entrance the result is working well.

Responsive website showcasing the safety training courses available - the client can edit the content themselves and send out email newsletters from the website.

Another responsive website with around 25% of visitors coming on tablets and another 25% on smart phones it was time to go responsive for garage doors west midlands door company Doulton Doors.

Solihull Rubbish Removal - Does what it says a modest site - but never forget one can always add more pictures and text as time ticks by.

Video - to Sell A Matrix 79 Machine

If a picture paints a 1000 words I am not sure how many a video paints but... you can clearly see this Matrix 79 Thread Grinding Machine is working and it is worth your while taking a closer look by visiting on site.

Help for those who English is not their first language.

If you are looking for a new responsive website or help with an existing site please telephone 0121 458 2665

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