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January Meeting - Commercial Property Hints and Tips plus 'There's more to Email than you think!'
Mike Gillespie

Held on the 8th of January for the first meeting of 2014, at our usual venue of Moseley Cricket Club.

We welcomed Mike Gillespie, principal of Commercial Property Service Company, Gillespie and Co. Those planning their first dip into premises for their business or thinking of moving got some great tips from Mike. A Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors member Mike has been associated with Commercial Property in the Solihull area for almost fifteen years. When he’s not out on the means street offering advice on Rate Rebates, Dilapidations, Finding and Disposing of Commercial Property Mike is said to be a mean Cook. That’s mean as in good not ungenerous smiley.

You can find out more about Mike by visiting his website

The evening's learning session was led by Jon Upton the topic was email and the title of the talk was 'There's more to Email than you think!'. Jon covered items such as Spam. Blacklisting, Whitelisting, Domain Keys, Sender Policy Frameworks and much more eek.

Alan MatthewsAlan's byline is 'bringing out the best in people' he doe this through Training, Coaching and Speaking. Alan offers training courses covering the 6 core skill sets:
  •     Being A Leader
  •     Communication & Personal Impact
  •     Influencing & Motivating Others
  •     Managing Performance
  •     Mindset & Attitude     Time & Self Management
With his coaching Alan offers one to one support, focused on YOUR needs, to help you become a confident and successful leader who gets results and gains respect.

Alan will be talking about 60 Second Marketing he has written an overview about his aims and your potential outcome for the evening.
There you are at another networking meeting, waiting to stand up and talk to people about your business. How do you feel about it?
  •     Are you confident that people will listen?
  •     Do you know exactly what message you want to give them?
  •     Do you know how to get their attention and make them want to find out more about you?
Or are you uncertain about what to say, unsure about how to get people to listen or to care about what you do?

Hundreds of business owners go to these events, hoping to promote their businesses. In fact, often they end up feeling frustrated and demotivated.

Why? Because they don’t do the 2 things you must do to be successful -create a compelling marketing message that sets you apart from your competitors and present it in an interesting way which makes people listen.
This talk will teach you how to:

  •     Write a 60 second " Mini Marketing Message " which will get people’s attention and compel them to find out more about you.
  •     Avoid the 1 key mistake that nearly everyone else makes that causes the audience to switch off immediately.
  •     Deliver your talk with confidence and energy to draw people in and keep them listening.
In fact, the principles used in the talk can be applied to any marketing material you produce, such as websites and brochures, as well as to networking events.

Alan is the author of two books which are available on Amazon – How To Design And Deliver Great Training and The Successful Presenter’s Handbook.

For more information visit Alan's website.

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9th October Meeting - Show and Tell

Your chance to tell members and visitors about your business.This year we are opening this event to non-members. Get an area approx half a table top circa 3ft by 3ft, construct a display that tells about your business and how you can help other people. The rule is that although you can stand by your display you cannot do so all night and therefore your exhibit must be comprehensible by other people.

We want you to visit other stands so that you get an understanding of what other people do that way we can all act as an ambassador for each other and help each other grow our businesses. There will be a prize for the best stand of the evening you the attendees will be the judges by voting for the stand of your choice.

9th September Meeting - Steve Abel

Steve Abel AuthorWe are delighted to have secured entrepreneur and author Steve Abel as our speaker for the opening meeting of our 2013 - 2014 season. Only after setting out on eight abortive business journeys did Steve have his "light bulb moment” and develop his first really successful business idea P4D, his courier business harnessing the power of the internet and group buying.

Prior to that, Steve had tried to make a success out of second hand TVs and washing machines, and tried his hand as a property investor and horse racing tipster. It was not until he spotted an opportunity to link the internet with a problem getting deliveries arranged, that he created a truly successful, sustainable business.

Along the way, Steve has published a business book Big Fish Little Fish - ‘How to Build A £Million Business That’ll Run Without You' and picked up a few business awards, including being recognised as a Growing Business Young Gun in 2008.

This is your chance to pick up a tip or two from an award winning businessman and speaker.

For more information visit Steve's website.