Blogs Are Great For Topics Which Do Not Fit Elsewhere!

From time to time - which might be every day there is something which deserves comment - a shout out. 

In today Google powered world you just do not know until you Google a subject.

The club website we needs more content. 8th October 2014 I donated a £5 to Wikipedia as a small thank you for sharing with me some content which I new nothing of and astonished me when I read it.

My grand-father was Clarence Henry Willcock my father David Charles Willcock never spoke about his father and so I new nothing of this story to be honest I did not even know my grand-fathers name!.

We all use Google.

Google can only find content which exists.

If it is not on-line these days it effectively does not exist.

If your phone is not ringing off the hook one small step is to get some content out on to the internet.

A great place to start is here on the club website.

There Is So Much Content How Do You Keep On Top Of It?

RSS - is the answer

You can set up a RSS Feed for the Solihull Club website with this link RSS Feed Link this will pop up this code in your browser [] if you paste that in to your feed readers input box it will alert you to when pages are updated or new pages are added. I use which is FREE and does the job of alerting me to new content on websites I follow.

Want to know more about RSS?

Just because not many people use RSS does not stop it being a great idea.

Charles Willcock
Website Marketing Consultancy